22-25 SEPTEMBER 2016


2012 /Dialogues


Presented in partnership with The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), EXPO /Dialogues offers panel discussions, conversations and provocative artistic discourse with leading artists, curators, designers and arts professionals on the current issues that engage them.



Thurday, September 20
10:30 AM | Jerry Saltz

Senior critic for New York magazine.


12:30 PM | Eve Sussman and Michelle Grabner In Conversation

Artist Eve Sussman (Haunch of Venison, Cristin Tierney) in conversation with artist Michelle Grabner (Professor and Department Chair, Department of Painting and Drawing, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Core Critic in Painting and Printmaking at Yale University)


2:00 PM | Katharine DeShaw, Deborah Doering, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, and Jack Guthman In Conversation

 United States Artists Projects discussion with: Katharine DeShaw, (Executive Director, United States Artists), Deborah Doering, (artist, featured in USA Projects) and Inigo Manglano-Ovalle (artist, USA Guthman Fellow)

Moderated by Jack Guthman, (Board of Directors, United States Artists, and Civic Committee Chair, EXPO CHICAGO)


EXPO /Dialogues, presented in partnership with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Photo by Paul Audia.

EXPO /Dialogues, presented in partnership with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Photo by Paul Audia.


3:30 PM | Byron Kim and James Elkins In Conversation

 Artist Byron Kim (James Cohan Gallery) in conversation with Art Historian James Elkins (E.C. Chadbourne Chair in the Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago)


5:30 PM | The Fear No ART Dinner Party

Michael Kornick, Tony Tasset, Josephine Lee, and Jeff Handley In Conversation

 Featuring Chef Michael Kornick with artist Tony Tasset (Kavi Gupta), Josephine Lee (Artistic Director, Chicago Children’s Choir), and Jeff Handley (Principal Percussionist & Education Director, Chicago Sinfonietta)


9:30 PM | Dialogues at the Inkwell

Sun Foot with Ron BurnsChris Johanson (The Suzanne Geiss Company, Mitchell-Innes & Nash) and Brian Mumford


Friday, September 21


10:30 AM  | Sterling Ruby

Sterling Ruby and Todd Levin In Conversation

Highlight: Los Angeles-based artist Sterling Ruby in discussion with art adviser Todd Levin


12:15 PM |2012 Artadia Awardees Announced for the Chicago Cycle

 with Chris Vroom (Artadia), Carolyn Ramo (Artadia), and Shannon Stratton (threewalls).


1:30 PM | Contemporary Curator's Panel

Michael Darling, Lisa Dorin, Dominic Molon, and Paul Laster

featuring Michael Darling (Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago), Lisa Dorin (Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, The Art Institute of Chicago), and Dominic Molon (Chief Curator, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis). Moderated by Paul Laster (Editor, Artkrush)


3:30 PM | Alec Soth

 Alec Soth and Kate Bussard In Conversation

Artist Alec Soth (Martin Weinstein, Sean Kelly) in conversation with Curator Kate Bussard (Associate Curator of Photography, The Art Institute of Chicago)


6:00 PM |  ADAA Panel Discussion

Paul Gray, Jack Guthman, Rhona Hoffman, Stephanie Smith, and Linda Blumberg

Featuring Paul Gray (Principal, Richard Gray Gallery), Jack Guthman (Chair, EXPO CHICAGO Civic Committee), Rhona Hoffman (Principal, Rhona Hoffman Gallery) and Stephanie Smith (Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Smart Museum of Art). Moderated by Linda Blumberg (Executive Director, Art Dealers Association of America) and an introduction by Tony Karman (President | Director, EXPO CHICAGO).



Saturday, September 22


10:30 AM | The New York Times Magazine Photographs

Kathy Ryan and Abelardo Morell In Conversation

 Highlight: The New York Times Magazine Photographs: A Conversation with Kathy Ryan (director of photography, New York Times Magazine) and artist Abelardo Morell presented in conjunction with Aperture Foundation. 


12:30 PM | Chicago Contemporary

Chicago Contemporary featuring a discussion with Hamza Walker (Director of Education and Associate Curator for the Renaissance Society, University of Chicago), Andrew Rafacz (principal, Andrew Rafacz Gallery), and collector Daniel Berger M.D.


2:00 PM | Art: Investment of Passion

Heather Becker, Rich Heller M.D., Russell N. Johnson, Rob Wolcott, and Claire Marmion In Conversation

Featuring Heather Becker (CEO, The Conservation Center), Rich Heller M.D. (collector), Russell N. Johnson (Senior Vice President, The Northern Trust Company) and Rob Wolcott (Executive Director of the Kellogg Innovation Network, Kellogg School of Management). Moderated by Claire Marmion (CEO, The Haven Art Group). 


3:30 PM | Dzine 

Dzine and Naomi Beckwith In Conversation

 Artist Dzine (Salon 94) in conversation with Naomi Beckwith (Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago)


5:00 PM | Exposure

Amel Bourouina, Charles Kitchings, Zenita Komad, and Terry R. Myers In Conversation

 EXPOSURE discussion featuring Amel Bourouina (Principal, Bourouina Gallery), Charles Kitchings (Principal, AMBACH & RICE), artist Zenita Komad (Bourouina Gallery) with Terry R. Myers (critic and Associate Professor, Painting & Drawing, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago). 


Sunday, September 23


11:30 AM | Eclectic Coherence 

Kenrick Mcfarlane, Patrick Chamberlain, and Barbara Kasten In Conversation

Featuring artist Kenrick Mcfarlane, artist Patrick Chamberlain and artist Barbara Kasten. Moderated by artist and curator Dawoud Bey (Stephen Daiter Gallery).


2:00 PM | Bill Fontana

Bill Fontana and Richard Holland In Conversation 

Artist Bill Fontana (Haunch of Venison) speaks about his Millennium Park sound sculpture project with Richard Holland (Bad at Sports).



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